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Didocell is a mobile value-added services (mVAS) entertainment platform that provides global users various kinds of mobile contents including games, music, ringtones, videos, wallpapers, sports, quiz and more. At the age of ever-growing entertainment demand, Didocell’s mission is to enhance human’s lifestyle with superior quality of mobile entertainment. We ensure to keep our users entertained anytime, anywhere through partnership with global mobile operators.
All the entertainment you want. Anywhere, Anytime.
Didocell acquires great global presence in over 40+ geos, serving regions across Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Middle East.
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The full range of entertainment at your fingertips.
Didocell works in any browser and offers all content to you.
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Access all Didocell’s content through Android & Apple devices Support for Android & iOS.
Didocell works in Android tablets and Ipad as well.


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